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    When you need to rekey locks for your business, you want to be sure that it is done right. You don’t want anyone getting into the building who shouldn’t be there.

    Rekeying a lock is easy enough, but what if you have an older system? What if someone has already copied your key? How do you know they won’t just come back and break in again?

    Our locksmiths can rekey any type of commercial door or gate without replacing the entire lock. We will change the pins inside so no one will ever get in with their old key again! This way when we leave, all of your doors are secure and safe from intruders.


    What are the benefits of rekeying?

    Rekeying is fast and efficient because it doesn’t require any drilling or replacement. This means you won’t incur the expense of replacing your locks and it saves valuable time and money on downtime while new keys are made.

    Plus, rekeying is a smart choice because it doesn’t risk any damage that drilling causes to the lock or door frame.

    Rekeying offers many benefits for both large and small companies since all locks can be rekeyed with a single key. The locksmith does not need the original key to perform the process, saving time and money on making new keys.

    Rekeying is also one of the most affordable measures for securing your business because it’s fast and effective without any damage that other lock replacements cause to doors or frames.

    Most lock rekey businesses can replace all of your locks for a flat rate. In this process, the technician performs a complete survey to identify all your entrances and ensure that every lock they work on is working fine.

    If they find an issue with one of your locks – such as needing a new cylinder – then you will only pay for completing the work on the locks that have problems.


    When should a business rekey locks?

    If you obtain a new key or change any of your lock details, then it’s time to rekey the locks. If you suspect that one of your keys has fallen into the wrong hands because someone keeps trying to use it, then it’s probably time to rekey your locks.

    You should also consider rekeying if you move into a new building, change your business name or sign, remodel your office space, or any time you have a disruption in service.

    Since rekeying locks does not come with a warranty and can be completed at any time for all locks that have removable cores, it is the most cost-effective measure for commercial security.

    If you are concerned about security, you can consult with a locksmith to learn more about how different kinds of lock rekey processes work. With this knowledge, you can make an informed decision about the best way to keep your business safe.


    How often should a business rekey its locks?

    Companies should keep in mind that rekeys can only be done on locks with a removable core, such as pin-tumbler cylinder locks and wafer-tumbler locks.

    Cylinders with fixed or riveted cores cannot be rekeyed because the lock must be replaced completely after a key is lost or stolen.

    Most businesses with an average volume of foot traffic and entry doors should consider rekeying their locks every time a key is lost or stolen.


    How to rekey a commercial lock?

    If you have a pin-tumbler cylinder or wafer-tumbler lock, all you need to do is replace your old keys with new ones. There are several ways locksmiths can rekey a lock:

    • Single-bitted key system – One of the original methods still in use today, this method requires you to give the locksmith a key and a piece of paper with all your lock details. The locksmith will cut a new key and mark it for each individual lock. You must then provide all workers with both keys to re-key your locks.
    • Double-bitted key system – A popular method, this method is exactly like the single-bitted system above except instead of marking one key, the locksmith cuts two keys with different depths.

    The locksmith will provide you with both new keys and your old key in a bag or a tag. To re-key your locks, you must only give the locksmith the tag and each worker will receive one of the two keys, which are already cut to be different depths.

    • Master key system – This is a popular method for businesses with many employees and only one or two locks on each entrance. In this case, you provide all your workers with a key to re-key your door locks from the outside.

    The lock technician will first re-key your locks to work with one key. You can then give this single key to all employees, but only the authorized workers should have access to the locked rooms or areas.

    • Smart card system – This method is similar to the double-bitted method above because it allows you to change or re-key your locks with only one key.

    The difference is you’ll receive a card instead of a tag and the locksmith will use this to re-key your lock. This smart card will give you access to both sides of the door, allowing workers on each side of the door to open it with their own key

    What makes an electronic lock rekey more expensive?

    If you have an electronic lock, then it’s going to cost you more for a rekey. Since a technician will have to open the lock and remove the core, this will require custom programming of an entirely new circuit board.

    The new circuit board won’t read the old code, so the process ensures that only you have access through your locks. If you change any part of your locks – such as your key or cylinder – then it may require reprogramming the circuit board.

    This is more expensive than a rekey, which only requires removing the old core and threading a new one into place.


    How much does a master key system cost?

    Getting a master key system installed will cost you more than rekey services because you’ll need to replace all the locks on your doors and windows.

    The lock expert should visit your business to perform a full survey of all your entrances and provide recommendations for better security, such as making certain areas accessible only through card readers and using smart cards or fobs to give certain workers access to those areas.

    The cost of a master key system varies greatly depending on the size, layout, and features of your building as well as the materials used in the installation process.

    Do you need to rekey your business?

    If so, you’re in luck. We offer the best lock rekeying service around and we can get it done for you quickly. You won’t find a better price or faster turnaround time anywhere else! Plus, our work is guaranteed 100% satisfaction. When it comes to protecting your business, there’s no room for error.

    That’s why we only use high-quality materials and provide an unparalleled level of customer service every step of the way – from scheduling appointments to performing repairs on-site after hours if necessary.

    Our technicians are highly trained professionals who will do everything they can to make sure that your locksmithing needs are met with ease and efficiency at all times. And because we know how important security is for businesses like yours, we also offer free consultations where our experts will discuss any concerns you may have about your commercial property security plans as well as give recommendations on how best to protect yourself against potential threats down the road.


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